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Yeo Valley's Organic Farm Goes Even Greener

Yeo Valley's Organic Farm Goes Even Greener

A Westcountry born and bred brand, Yeo Valley is now one of the UK’s most popular organic dairy brands, with consumers spending £150 million a year on its range of ice cream, butter, cream and milk.

As an organic business, Yeo Valley prides itself on considering its impact on the environment in all aspects of the business and as such turned to Eco Charger, a farming family-run business in North Devon, that has designed and developed a number of environmentally friendly, electric quad bikes ideal for large landowners, farmers and businesses like Yeo Valley.

Yeo Valley has been using the Eco Charger Prime, on a daily basis, on the farm over the past year. It provides quick and easy access around the Yeo Valley Organic Garden and also supports the team with their increasingly popular farm tours.

Yeo Valley's Organic Farm Goes Even Greener

Yeo Valley has ½ MW of solar panels on the farm roof and therefore the Eco Charger provides zero CO2 emissions, as it can be powered renewably, this also keeps the running costs down to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, due to the lack of fuel, the vehicle emits no toxic fumes, meaning its ideal for the organic farm – it also runs very quietly and as such doesn’t disturb the animals.

Tim Mead, Chairman of Yeo Valley, added: “The Eco Charger has provided a reliable, cost-effective and most importantly, environmentally friendly mode of transport for easily accessing all areas of the farm and it’s a great help with our farm tours.

I’d recommend an Eco Charger for anyone with daily transportation needs on their land as it’s been brilliant for us. It’s a hard working, practical machine that’s easy to drive, doesn’t harm the environment and ideal for working with animals and organic product – what more could you want”.