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Why Electric?

Backed with British design and made in Devon.
Dominator Electric Quad Bike

True Alternative Power

Eco Charger ATV is built as a workhorse, rigorous testing, controlled production and quality components make it a machine you can rely on. Amazing torque for towing, regenerative braking to preserve power and quiet when approaching horses and livestock are additional benefits. Start making savings now and into the future – improve your environmental credentials – take a look at the impressive Eco Charger ATV.

Tested Torque

The towing capability in low-low gear is unmatched in its class. In another test you can see the Eliminator in a 'Tug-of-War' with a 420cc 4×4 petrol bike, pulling it backwards with no effort.

The Quieter Quad

Eco Charger Quads are a lot quieter than the average quad. With virtually no engine noise and only the usual gear and road noise to contend with.

This means approaching livestock is a lot less worrying for the animals whether it be sheep, horses, deer or game.

This is also appreciated by drivers, after a long day using the bikes. And in areas where you are working near the public you are less likely to cause a disturbance.

Unbelievable Savings

Petrol Quad

Most farmers are spending £1,500/yr - at current prices £6.36/gallon, that’s 236 gallons. With a typical 20mpg quad that’s 4720 miles travelled.

Eco Charger Quad

Eco Charger travels 30 miles per charge. 4720 miles needs 157 charges, at 50p per charge, that’s – £79/yr

That is equivalent to an unbelievable 380mpg

or free if you are generating your own solar or wind energy.

The Green Factor

Improve Your Environmental Credentials

Research shows that people prefer to deal with businesses that are considerate of the environment.

'Green' is a powerful word. It now directly refers to all that is environmentally friendly, carbon neutral, sustainable living, clean technology and renewable energy. It also indirectly means 'considerate', 'caring', 'thoughtful', 'cooperative' and 'compassionate'.

Research proves that consumers actively seek out and buy products from ‘Green’ businesses. As many as 20% of consumers consider themselves ‘Green’, in the UK and USA, this rises to 50% in Germany. Defra found that investments in clean technology has been growing globally and customers actively seek out environmentally minded companies to buy from.

More and more companies are looking into:

  • New methods to attract consumers with environmental concerns.
  • Making themselves distinct from other businesses, hence creating a significant competitive advantage.
  • Green trends becoming more mainstream also mean a growing market for participating businesses.
  • Responsible practices also mean a business can become more appealing to consumers while at the same time reducing its business costs, thus increasing profits
  • The word “Green” creates enthusiasm among customers looking at environmental friendly goods. This creates a strong and loyal customer base.

ECO CHARGER IS A 'GREEN' PRODUCT that will enhance your environmental CREDENTIALS

Designed Developed and Produced in a truly alternative factory

Sustainable way of working – These bikes are assembled using 100% renewable energy with 8kWp on-grid and 8kWp off-grid solar arrays and a 4kWp wind turbine supplying a 24kW battery bank. When the battery bank is full a control light comes on, meaning the Production Team can use the power tools. When the battery bank is depleted the Production Team revert to hand tools. A simple revolutionary process that reduces the carbon footprint of these revolutionary bikes.

True Alternative Roots

On the borders of Exmoor in North Devon, where the rugged coast is thrashed by the Atlantic and the land combed by the South Westerlies. It was from this dramatic landscape that the revolutionary Eco Charger was hewn.

An electric quad bike that can survive the rigours of life on a farm and does not rely on petrol or diesel but less expensive electricity that could even be free with renewable energy. Eco Charger was not only designed on a farm, this revolutionary machine has been developed on a revolutionary production line, powered almost totally by a wind turbine and solar PV array.

If you have ever calculated the cost of running a conventional quad, not only the fuel used but also the time spent driving out to collect and store fuel then you will realise the benefits of Eco Charger.

Eliminator Electric Quad Bike