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The World’s Most Powerful ‘All
Electric’ Quad Range

Eco Charger Quads are the only all Electric ATV’s with the POWER and
TORQUE to meet any & every challenge.

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The World Beating ‘All Electric’ Quad Workhorse

Robust, adaptable & flexible – a winning combination.

Designed to take on the toughest and most demanding jobs, Eco Charger Quads are right now quietly hard at work across the globe.

Whether it’s on the farm, at the stables, amongst the vines, on police patrol, guarding a game reserve, ploughing snow or guiding ‘eco-tourist’ adventures - our E-ATVS are more than ready for the next challenge!

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The World's Most Practical 'All Electric' Quad

Practically perfect & capable of everything.

Eco Charger Quads have been designed to be totally adaptable & flexible – its in our DNA.

Intelligent design, robust build, lithium power source, quiet running, tremendous towing capacity and extended working range – A True Task Master!

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The Best Range ‘All Electric’ Quad

Going the distance with power to spare plus the stamina to keep on working.

Eco Charger Quads are designed to maximise capacity and range. Features such as the latest Lithium technology, plus fast intelligent static & on-board charging battery configuration ensure that our EATVS can finish the job!

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The World’s Greenest ‘All
Electric’ Quad

Inspired by nature – driven by technology

Lithium power source, regenerative braking and created to sustainable
manufacturing, recycling & renewable energy goals.

Eco Charger Quads are committed to RACE TO ZERO

We also aim to re-cycle 100% of our frames and componentry at end of life.

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Safety First

Eco Charger Quads are designed around driver protection - low centre of gravity, optional ‘anti-roll bar’ and variable speed control, in-built safety module plus unique ‘regen’ feature ensure maximum safety whatever the task in hand.

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A picture of a quad bike
A picture of a quad bike
A picture of a quad bike