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Eco Charger Down Under

Eco Charger Down Under

Eco Charger’s ground-breaking E-ATVs are proving popular across an ever-expanding global market, tackling diverse roles around the world. One such rapidly developing market is Australasia, where Eco Charger quads are manufactured and distributed in Australia and New Zealand by SC Group.

Recently Monarto Zoo in South Australia - one of the largest open-range zoos in the world became the first zoo in Australia to trial the new 4WD Pioneer electric quad bike.

The Zoo covers more than 1,500 hectares and is home to more than 50 species of exotic and native mammals, birds and reptiles. With zero emissions the Eco Charger Quad offers the perfect mode of transport for staff to travel quietly and efficiently across the many roads, tracks and trails throughout the vast grounds that make up this unique zoo – the almost silent running having the extra advantage of being far less likely to spook and frighten animals than traditional petrol or diesel vehicles.

Geoff Brooks, Operations Team Leader at Monarto Zoo who has been trialling the Eco Charger comments “The bike has been great- it’s quiet and efficient and gets us from A to B quickly and the range has been good. We have been very happy with it!”

Another feature of electric quads that should appeal to operations such as Zoos, Wildlife Parks and Tourist Resorts is that the maintenance of the electric bike is substantially less than a petrol vehicle generating lower maintenance costs and reduced down time.