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Quad security alert

Quad security alert

Your EcoCharger Quad is a unique, versatile and very valuable vehicle and as such will inevitably attract possible theft.

We are always happy to discuss with owners ways to protect your Quad when not in use, however the following guidelines are an excellent starting point:


  • Keep it in a secure shed/building.
  • Install a building alarm.
  • Install a CCTV system such as: *
  • Use wheel clamps.
  • Block your quad in, if feasible? (The weight of Lead Acid battery powered quads makes pick-ups very difficult)
  • Always remove the key.
  • Consider installing a CESAR Kit: *
  • Invest in a GPS Tracker system.
  • Contact your local Crime Prevention Officer to arrange a site visit and advice.

* EcoCharger can supply both the JFC Agri System CCTV System & CESAR Kits (UK only) via our UK Dealership.

The following links are also worth a visit:


  • If your vehicle has a Log Book (V5/ carte gris) keep it safe.
  • If it doesn’t ensure you have a record of your VIN.
  • NB. - Every ATV (not just EcoCharger) will have an individual identification number.

EcoCharger ‘Defender’ GPS Vehicle Tracker – ‘Total peace of mind’

We offer our Defender comprehensive tracking system as a factory fit on new models – With 24/7 Coverage, plus host of useful features Defender is available at an installation cost of £200 per unit plus subscription packages ranging from £10 pcm.


Inevitably stolen quads turn up on the second-hand market and we would advise great caution if considering a purchase, particularly if you don’t know the dealer/seller concerned?

Always look out for bikes that may have been tampered with, have suspect VIN numbers and/or missing paperwork. If you have any suspicions about a second hand EcoCharger, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The following EcoCharger Quads have been stolen in recent years and are sorely missed by their original owners:


Eliminator I Green (4WD)

Dominator (2WD)

Dominator (2WD)





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