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Our Partnership with Aceleron to tackle EV-waste

Our Partnership with Aceleron to tackle EV-waste

We've teamed up with Aceleron, launching a new venture to provide circular-economy-ready batteries in order to tackle the 'increasing problem' of electronic-waste from sources such as electric vehicles (EVs).

Aceleron has built a lithium-ion battery for our eATVs – the batteries are designed for repair, reuse and recycling, allowing 90% of them to be recovered and repurposed through a buy-back scheme.

Dr Amrit Chandan, CEO and Co-Founder of Aceleron said: “By designing batteries for the circular economy from the outset, we can prevent mountains of battery waste from being created worldwide.

"The decarbonisation of transport is critical but we are currently solving one sustainability issue while ignoring another. Waste is the elephant in the room. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution and companies like Eco Charger are providing a blueprint to follow."

Jon Hourihan, CEO of Eco Charger, added: "By choice or by law all industries will soon have to decarbonise. Aceleron’s batteries demonstrate that tailored engineering can provide low carbon solutions across all e-mobility scenarios."

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