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Eliminator 4WD

The utility Eco Charger, switchable 4wd.

This is our flagship Eco Charger. This 72 volt bike boasts a series of impressive features and awesome performance. A fully switchable 4wd shaft-driven chassis offers a solid platform and with 'full differentials' drive train, gives the bike outstanding off-road ability. This also means that the bike has a tight turning circle and will not scuff surfaces when turning.

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Eliminator Electric Quad Bike

Quality Build

All of our bikes are built with military specification motors. Taking your thumb off the accelerator at any point puts the motor into regeneration status, which puts power back to the batteries. It also creates its own hill decent mode, meaning the bike will not 'run away' down hills and will take rider and bike slowly and safely down – no locking wheels or losing traction.

Eliminator Electric Quad Bike in the woods

All in a days work

The bike has a range of approximately 30 miles depending on usage and severity of terrain.

Ground Hugging

The positioning of the batteries in the frame has kept the centre of gravity low, allowing the bike to stay stable on the most uneven of surfaces. The bike has four gear selections, ranging from a road-going gear with a top speeds of up 35mph to a super low towing gear with a top speed of 9mph.

Tested Torque

The towing capability in low gear is unmatched in its class. To see the proof just see our demonstration videos including the Eliminator bump starting a 7 tonne tractor and pulling a 420cc 4×4 petrol bike backwards with no effort.

Eliminator Electric Quad Bike in the water

Full Features

The bike comes with all of Eco Charger’s key features – 'Charge and hours indicator', emergency stop button and the versatile forward/reverse flick switch. The bike comes with front and rear carrying racks, a central parking disc lock, hydraulic disc brakes all round and the anti-roll bar keeps the bike stable in corners.

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Eliminator Electric Quad Bike


from £14,995

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