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Tropical Beat

Since their addition to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service in February 2019, the two new Eco Charger E-ATVs have provided the RCIPS with extra capacity to patrol beaches and parks, as well as being employed to cover special events such as the KAABOO Cayman Festival. They have been corporately branded and fitted with lights and sirens, providing a high visibility option for those areas where other vehicles are obtrusive or impractical.

CIPS Commissioner of Police, Derek Byrne commented:

“The new electric quads greatly reduce our carbon footprint over the use of fuel vehicles; and are noiseless, which is an important consideration in high density tourist areas such as the harbour front or on beaches. The quads are also rugged and adaptable to the varied terrain of the Cayman Islands, including previously inaccessible off-road areas, and have a relatively straightforward maintenance.

The RCIPS’ future plans for the quads include utilizing them for K-9 patrols with the addition of special cooled carriers that will enable the transportation and deployment of their police dogs.

The E-ATVS have been a valuable addition to our service and have been very well received by the general public,” - Commissioner Byrne.

Tropical Beat Tropical Beat