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Helping a Hero

Eco Charger Quads the West Country based, leading designers and manufacturers of EATV’s have been delighted to supply one of their all electric quad bikes to Joe Townsend, the former Royal Marine who since his recovery from losing both lower limbs to an IED in Afghanistan has gone on to become a truly inspiring international paratriathlete representing the UK at Paralympic, World and European events with great success.

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Eco Charger has been enjoying a healthy surge in interest from customers and organisations throughout the UK and worldwide who appreciate the environmental and cost saving benefits of operating electric power ATV’s.

The range of tasks that the electric quads have found themselves performing has been equally diverse ranging from - helping to clean up beaches in NW Scotland, supporting Ecotourism in Hungary, patrolling a wildlife Park in Australia, through to active service with the Royal Cayman Islands Police. However, Eco Charger have been particularly gratified to have one of their vehicles making such a positive contribution in supporting Joe to increase his mobility at his countryside home in Sussex.

Joe’s love of the outdoors had presented him with a real struggle to find a suitable vehicle to get him, his young child and beloved Boykin Spaniels out and about in the local countryside and to achieve some much appreciated independence.

Helping a Hero

Two purpose built ‘off–road wheelchairs’ had both failed him, on one occasion sticking in mud and leaving Joe to physically crawl 400m to get home!

With his wheelchairs ageing and due for an expensive refit, Joe was offered support by the Royal Marines Charity to find a more robust and sustainable solution. Extensive research including months on the Internet finally led Joe to Eco Charger.

In Joe’s own words:

“My electric quad is fantastic! I use it 2-3 times every single day when I am in the country. It is so easy to drive, especially at walking pace. I feel so in control. It has far exceeded my expectation!

I was a little sceptical at first as why weren’t the major brands making electric quad bikes, but I had the opportunity to go and meet Fred and Wendy Chugg (Founder Directors) and test ride the quads on their North Devon Farm. Immediately I was surprised by how quiet and easy to drive the Eco Charger was and the power of the electric motor was incredible. I also loved the fact that Eco Charger is a totally British Company.

After testing the quad I was completely sold and since its arrival I have driven the ATV multiple times everyday and I love it. I am able to tick along silently at walking pace with my wife and kid or open it up to give the dogs a good run. Being able to attach a trailer to collect logs for the fire or tow my clay pigeon trap down to the field has given me a new level of independence and I now couldn’t imagine life without it.

For me it’s a relief to have the security to know that the battery range far exceeds what I would use in a day and it’s off–road capability is not going to let me down. Independence is a huge thing for me and I am now more capable because of this fantastic vehicle that has really made a huge difference to my life!”