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Eco Charger Goes to School

Whilst we are in Austria, we have discovered yet another innovative role for our Electric Quads. One of Wild Volt’s customers is Dr Archer; Head of the secondary technical school TTL1 Lastenstrasse in Carinthia, Austria.

Their EcoCharger Eliminator 2 4WD was acquired in Autumn 2019 as a practical teaching aid for young engineers to explore the potential for electric power and renewable energy.

Dr Archer explains,

‘By employing the latest technology, the competence centre for renewable energy, e-mobility and sustainability aims to train our students in both theory and practice. Furthermore, it is important for us to also enhance e-mobility in the field of agriculture and forestry with our new training programme – ‘Agricultural engineering and environmental technology’.

The Eliminator 2 is perfect for this role as it is an extremely professional E-ATV, which can support our teaching programme across our focus areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics, agricultural engineering and environmental technology. ‘

Eco Charger Goes to School Eco Charger Goes to School